"Modern and relatable therapy for teens, young adults and families."

I help teenagers, young adults and families who are struggling with anxiety, depression, family conflict and relationship issues. My goal is to help my clients create a sense of calm, find clarity in their emotions and gain control in the direction of their life.

The clients I work with have come to the point that they can't stand the way things have been going and are desperate for a change. Their levels of anxiety or depression have become stifling and they have developed negative ways of coping with these emotions. They want to stop the fighting and disconnection that shows up in their families. They want to feel in control of their life again. They are up at night thinking of ways they can fix their problems, but they don't know how to or where to start.

Whether you are dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, family conflict or relationship issues, it is important that you know that there is hope to feel better and have a satisfying life. We will discover the tools that you already have inside of you that will help you find peace within yourself, accomplish your goals and connect with others in a way that feels good.

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again."

I'm a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with teens, young adults and families for many years. I have helped people overcome a wide range of obstacles regarding their mental health and family relationships. I am passionate about helping my clients move past the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold them back and help them create positive change.

Contact me today if you're ready to start working towards the life you want with relationships that bring you comfort and connection. You don't have to be alone in this.

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